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Dr. Namdarian Achieves 
Digital Smile Design Mastership 

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Your smile makeover is digitally analyzed, discussed and designed by us in collaboration with a team of digital smile design experts to create a treatment plan best suited to you and your entire facial anatomy

Like satellite navigation, it shows you a virtual map of the possible routes to your new smile, where each road has been checked by a qualified team using advanced technology.

We work with the DSD Planning Center which means:

+ You can see a digital treatment simulation to understand every option and end result

+ You can make a fully informed decision about your smile makeover treatment

+ You receive the highest standards of treatment

How to obtain DSD Mastership:

DSD mastership is a qualification process where doctors are evaluated on several important points such as clinical quality and execution following fully digital guided treatments, the physical space of the office, and DSD implementation, etc.

The Mastership is a 12-months program that evaluates the clinical execution of the treatment plans and that the final outcome follows the initial plan designed by the DSD Planning Center.

Consultancy and Mastership are mandatory steps on this journey to become a DSD Clinic. The consultancy will evaluate the physical space and patient experience as well as train the whole team on the DSD Implementation that must be followed by every certified clinic.

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To learn more about our Digital Smile Design process, please call our office to schedule your consultation with our team. 

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