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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers at Fresno Smile Makeovers | Mask a damaged or stained tooth – Fresno, CA

If stained teeth, chipped or imperfectly-aligned teeth, or simply creating a more beautiful and uniform smile is a priority for you then porcelain veneers may prove to be a great option versus traditional dental crowns. Constructed from a thin, durable material, veneers function by sliding onto your damaged tooth to create an organic-looking, flawless smile that is both easy to apply and last a very long time

Like many dental restorations, veneers may need to be replaced. However, they’re extremely long lasting and can enhance your smile for many years to come.
Getting your porcelain veneers placed often requires 2 appointments. Your teeth are first lightly buffed and shaped to allow for the veneer to fit properly. An impression of your teeth is made and then a color is selected.

During your second appointment, your teeth will be cleaned and the veneers are attached to your natural teeth with bonding cement and a special light that hardens it.

To ensure your veneer last many years, proper oral hygiene and eating habits are required. We will give you instructions to care for your veneers following your appointment.

For any questions regarding porcelain veneers and our treatments offered in Fresno, please contact our office.

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