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Safe Fillings for your Teeth

Safe Alternative for your fillings: Mercury Free Amalgam

If you prefer to utilize mercury-free amalgam fillings for yours, your loved ones and your children’s dental visits, you’ll be happy to know that Fresno Smile Makeovers will concede to your preference. Fresno Smile Makeovers can ameliorate the state of your oral health as well as your smile by tending to your organic teeth using amalgam-free materials. Amalgam-free treatments are implemented for numerous dental treatments, most often in fillings & crowns. Should you require more strenuous procedures such as root canal therapy or dental implants, Fresno Smile Makeovers will collaborate with you and your loved ones to produce a customized mercury-free treatment plan.

Fresno Smile Makeovers’ team utilizes the latest and greatest technologies to dentistry, Drs. Namdarian, Cho and team will custom-make a thorough procedure in consultation with your family and loved ones while aiming to contribute to providing you with the smile been yearning for.

We look forward to seeing you and your family’s smiles soon!

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