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In-Office Membership Plan

It costs $675 annually per member per year to join this plan — and $575 annually per additional family member. In exchange for this affordable rate, you can enjoy all the following discounts on your dental care:

  • Comprehensive Exam: INCLUDED
  • Cleanings (2 annually): INCLUDED
  • Full-mouth X-rays- 1 per 5 years: INCLUDED
  • Panoramic X-rays- 1 per 5 years: INCLUDED
  • Bitewing X-rays- 1 per year: INCLUDED
  • Periapical X-rays- unlimited: INCLUDED
  • Problem focused Exam- 1 per year (if needed): INCLUDED
  • Periodic Exam(s)- 2 per year: INCLUDED
  • Additional cleaning(s): 15% OFF
  • Deep cleaning(s): 15% OFF
  • Invisalign: $300 OFF
  • Optic White in-office Teeth Whitening: $50 OFF
  • All other treatment needs*: 15% OFF

Keep in mind that the annual plan fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The payment for treatment is due at the time services are rendered, and the plan cannot be used with any other insurance or discounts. Discounts cannot be applied to treatment by a specialist at our office or any other office. This membership plan is a discount plan, NOT a dental insurance policy.

*Sleep apnea treatment, implant restorations, cosmetic and full mouth cases are excluded from this program.

Benefits of the In-Office Membership Plan

There are a number of benefits of choosing the in-office membership plan, including the following:

  • No deductibles or reimbursements — you are eligible for the savings right away
  • No monthly premiums — simply pay the annual fee and get ready to save
  • No yearly maximums — visit the dentist as much or as little as you need to
  • No complicated forms to fill out — just sign up, make the payment, and that’s it
  • You can join at any time of year
  • Includes discount on cosmetic composite fillings
  • No need to worry about figuring out who is in-network or out-of-network
  • The whole family can become a member
  • Receive the quality dental care you know and trust from Fresno Smile Makeovers
  • Unlike most traditional insurances, this discount plan does not have a missing tooth clause; prior extractions are applicable to receive a discount under this plan!
  • There are NO waiting periods in order to receive your benefits; you are eligible for benefits the same day that your annual payment is made in full.
  • There are NO yearly maximums — visit the dentist as much or as little as you need to!

*Sleep apnea treatment, implant restorations, cosmetic and full mouth cases are excluded from this program.

List of Common Procedures

Not all procedures are listed; for specific questions, please ask our office.

Cleaning$124100%2 per Year
Perio Maintenance$18315%Unlimited
Periodic Exam$74100%2 per Year
Limited Exam$101100%1 per Year
New Patient Exam$115100%1 per 5 Years
FMX$171100%1 per 5 years
Single Tooth X-ray$38100%Unlimited
Bitewing X-rays$84100%1 per Year
Panoramic X Ray$147100%1 per 5 years
Topical Fluoride$58100%2 per Year
Optic White$400$50 OFFUnlimited
1 surface filling$22915%Unlimited
2 surface filling$28915%Unlimited
3 surface filling$35315%Unlimited
4 surface filling$41615%Unlimited
Bridge$1500 per Unit15%Unlimited
Crown Recement$14215%Unlimited
Deep Cleaning$229-$31615%Unlimited
Laser Disinfection$7515%Unlimited
Arestin Placement$12015%Unlimited
CT Scan$22515%Unlimited

Fore more information about this program don’t hesitate to call us at (559) 431-1772 or fill out our contact form

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