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Orthodontics & Orthopedics

There are similarities between orthopedics and orthodontics and although many clients use both terms interchangibly, there is a difference.

Orthopedics is usually considered as the initial treatment of the process of correcting maloccluded (misaligned or crowded) teeth in kids— A well strategized orthopedic treatment can virtually eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatment. Functional orthopedics tend to involve removable retainers or similar, removable, devices. The function of these removable devices are aimed at promoting correct facial and jaw bone development. Orthopedics can remedy both genetic malocclusion as well as the more common environmental malocclusion (eg. due to incorrect tongue positioning, allergies, enlarged tonsils, or even breathing through the mouth)

Preventive orthopedic treatment can likely improve the odds for a normal development of teeth. It can equally sway children away from following potentially negative habits (such as mouth breathing) well before they can turn into bad habits or have a negative effect on other aspects of your children’s life.
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