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Dental Crowns in Fresno: Repair a Damaged Tooth | Fresno Smile Makeovers

Crowns, alternatively referred to as “dental caps”, can be used as part of a number of different procedures for dental restorations. When firmly affixed, a crown takes its new place as the outer layer of a tooth – rendering it the only visible part of your tooth above your gum line. 
Composite fillings/inlays/onlays, on the other hand, are dental restorations used to fill-in a more minute part of a damaged tooth. Dental crowns, once properly affixed, enclose the whole of your visible tooth, effectively turning it into your tooth’s new, resilient, exterior.

Fresno Smile Makeovers utilizes crowns to tend to the appearance and virility of your smile. If you have gained chipped, stained, decaying, cracked or broken teeth, consider a crown procedure in order to better the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Crowns can be fabricated of porcelain, ceramic, gold alloy, or a combination of both.

Porcelain crowns are popular among patients and offer several advantages including:

• Matching the exact shade of your teeth, making them virtually undetectable 
• Free of metal and are more natural looking
• Customized fit, which ensures they are suited for your mouth

Crown placement is a routine procedure that we perform and it is a straight forward process. A thorough examination is performed, where x-rays and impressions are taken of your teeth. This is to ensure there are no prior issues before starting treatment.

You’ll be given local anesthetic while we shape your tooth. This is a slow and careful process to ensure the gum tissues surrounding your tooth are not harmed. Once the tooth is fully prepared, we will construct a mold of the tooth and select a matching color. You will then have a temporary crown put in place while your customized permanent crown is made in our laboratory.
At your following session, your temporary crown will be removed and your natural tooth is deeply cleansed. Your permanent crown is then attached to your natural tooth using a pliable resin, creating your new smile. 

For any questions or concerns regarding dental crowns please feel free to contact our office.

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