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Patient Reviews


Fresno Smile Makeovers’s patients have left testimonials. Below is a sample of the reviews that our office has received on Dr. Sam Namdarian. Please click here to leave one of your own.

Oxana Jomiru

I used to experience somewhat fear when visiting a dentist in the past. Once I met Dr. Namdarian- I experience absolutely none of that! If I can pick 3 words to describe Dr. Namdarian, I would choose: incredibly skilled, very gentle, and caring. This list certainly does not stop here. He is a very modest, competent, professional, kind, extremely talented, and efficient. He has a great team and it’s just a wonderful experience going to Fresno Smile Makeovers. I keep Dr. Namdarian in my prayers. He is one of a kind!

Mark Riordan

Fresno Smile Makeovers has the nicest, most professional staff of any medical/dental office I’ve been to. Dr. Namdarian is incredibly swift and precise, does wonderful work and keeps to his estimates. I really enjoyed my visits and am happy that they were recommended to me, as I will certainly recommend them to my friends.

Chris Bardon

Recently had a Bridge re done. All the staff is friendly and genuinely concerned about the well being of each patient. My wife three boys and I trust Dr. Namdarian with all our needs and would not go anywhere else. I feel that he looks out for our best interest and we are not just a number.

Brittany Coast

I have always been afraid of the dentist, after visiting Dr. Namdarian’s office I felt at ease and very comfortable. The office staff were very kind and understanding, they made sure to work with my schedule and communicated well with me through email. I would recommend this office to anyone!

Catherine May

Dr. Namdarian, his associate Dr. Cho, and all the staff members in his office are professional, patient, and thorough! I have been coming to this office for several years for my dental work, traveling a couple hours each time, and would not even think of switching dentists. I recently completed Invisalign on my teeth and I am thrilled with how my teeth look! I cannot say thank you enough!

Melissa Ramirez

I have been very pleased with Sam Namdarian’s entire team. The front office staff is AMAZING. They are all so responsive anytime I have a question or concern regarding services, insurance coverage etc. I have referred a few colleagues and friends and they are all just as happy with the overall services as I am. Thank you all for your great customer service and quality of work!

Patti Torre

I have been a patient of Dr. Namdarian’s for over 7 years. I started going to him when he took over a practice from my former dentist of 28 years. I was a little anxious as I am very particular about my teeth. I have been living in San Diego for almost 30 years and am happy to say that Dr. Namdarian is by far the best dentist I have ever gone to! He and his staff are the friendliest and most professional I can ask for. He has state of the art equipment and wants to always make sure I am happy with his work. I wholeheartedly trust him since I am willing to travel from San Diego to Fresno to see him! I highly recommend Dr. Namdarian and his excellent staff!!

Peggy Robbins

My dentist passed away last year and I was looking for a good dentist. I was referred to Sam Namdarian’s office by my boss. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful and the office was clean and nice to be in. It is hard to find a good dentist and I have had issues with other offices, so it was refreshing to find one that is as good or better than my last one.

Anthony Shelly

My family and I have been going to Dr. Namdarian for years. Mostly it has been for cleanings. However, I have had fillings done and now I am getting Invisalign. Dr. Namdarian is an excellent dentist. His staff is very professional and caring. His office is very relaxing and takes the stress out of going to a dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Namdarian to anyone. I have not found a better dentist. I would not go anywhere else. My 14-year-old son says

Kay Sealey

When Dr. Namdarian took over Dr. Simmons’ dental practice a few years ago, I was so happy he kept the staff. Dr. Simmons had been my dentist since the 1960’s; and, seeing familiar faces in the office made the transition to a new dentist so much easier. Dr. Namdarian and all of his staff (old and new) are absolutely wonderful. They are courteous, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, respectful and kind. They go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. I have been seen by Dr. Cho a couple of times and have been greeted cheerfully and received quality treatment. Whenever I have had a dental emergency, I have always been able to get an appointment right away. I have had extensive dental work done over the years. Dr. Namdarian has always taken the time to fully explain every procedure. He is caring and gentle; and, I don’t recall ever having a “bad experience” while being treated. I am so grateful that Dr. Namdarian suggested dental implants as an option to some of my dental “challenges.” They take some time and are quite expensive, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I don’t know many people who can say they like to go to the dentist; but I can honestly say that I do. If you are looking for a competent, caring, and very knowledgeable dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Namdarian.

Anthony Camacho

I love going to this dentist. Namdarian has an awesome and friendly staff and I always recommend my family/ friends to go to this dentist. Fresno Smile Makeover are great at scheduling appointments, they are extremely flexible, and they communicate in advance regarding upcoming appointments and can see patients as early in the morning!

Kristin Heimerdinger

Everyone in this office is amazing: friendly, helpful, thorough and good at what they do. The hygienists and dentists are gentle and careful. One of my sons had an urgent situation and they treated him so well. We happened into this office kind of by accident, and it’s been such a happy accident! I have several friends and coworkers who see Dr. Namdarian as well, and we all love him. Dr. Cho is a great addition to the office. I always hope I don’t need a dentist for anything serious, but if I do, I have full confidence in this staff. That’s nice.

Jess Foddrill

Quite possibly the best experience I’ve ever had with dental work in my entire life. Dr. Namdarian and his staff are kind, courteous and knowledgeable. From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by the reception staff, you feel like you were meant to be there. I honestly can’t recommend this dental practice enough. I had a considerable amount of work done in the last month due to years of neglect. I haven’t had dental insurance for years, so I never went to the dentist unless my teeth needed to come out. Needless to say when I went to Dr. Namdarian’s office for the first time, they found a lot of problems with my teeth. Multiple cavities, alignment issues, early periodontal disease… my mouth was no bueno. But after a series of visits, and a well planned course of action, I feel like I can smile again. Seriously… it feels that good to smile again, and it’s because of Dr. Namdarian and his staff. It’s refreshing to see an office that doesn’t have you sitting in the waiting room waiting 20 minutes after your appointment was set for. When you make an appointment, you’re seen on time. The staff are so good at what they do that when they say something is going to take 30 minutes, it’s 30 minutes. You can easily schedule other errands/appointments around your visits. Every procedure I had done was quick and easy. From deep cleanings to cavities, I was surprised at how easy everything was. And the best part of all is there was absolutely no pain! Everyone there has a gentle touch, and it doesn’t feel like they are going to town with jackhammers and crowbars. On a few different occasions, I seriously almost fell asleep in the chair because I was so relaxed. The chairs even have a massage feature that is an added touch. No old, uncomfortable dental chairs from the 70’s. In fact, everything in the office is modern and clean. I would say it’s probably the coolest dental office I’ve been to. Overall, I say that if you aren’t going to Dr. Namdarian, you are missing out. It’s the experience that changes your whole perception of what dental work should be. If you are looking for a fresh take on dentistry, Dr. Namdarian and his staff are what you’re looking for. Thanks again to everyone there for helping me smile again!

Bianca Ruelas

After terrible experiences at big company dental offices (BrightNow and WesternDental) I thought I was doomed to hate going to the dentist even though I’m an adult. I decided to find a local dentist, one who would know my name, my daughter and my family. Did a quick Google search and it didn’t lie, Dr. Namdarian was at the top of the list. Made an appointment a two years ago, and never looked back. Front desk is welcoming, dental assistants are great, very nice and friendly full of conversation always asking if I’m ok. I have an appointment next week and I’m looking forward to it! I’ll never have to face the big chain dentist offices again and that is a huge sigh of relief.

Omid Irankhah

it is always a best experience visiting Dr.Namdarian’s office .Ialways treated with respect and smille and always had the best care and information from Dr.and the hygienis.

Carol Daniel

I came to dr.Namdarians office with little hope for my severe TMJ problem.He was upfront right from the beginning.He came up with several options for me.I chose to have him make an upper partial for me,to help stabilize my bite problem.For the first time in nearly 5 years, I got to eat turkey on Thanksgiving with my grandchildren.I no longer have neck and shoulder pain from the TMJ.He is the greatest and most sincere dentist that I have ever met. I’m so grateful to have found him and his staff. His staff always have a smile for you when you walk in the door.Thank you Dr.Namdarian and staff .Sincerely, Carol Daniel.

Dr. Namdarian and his staff are amazing with a very nice office. He will answer any questions about teeth and different treatment options. I had front teeth implants which is truly amazing and make a big difference in my smiles. I also got few cavity filled and it feels fantastic without any pain. I extremely recommend. A++

Patient Review

My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Namdarian. It is with great pleasure we write this review giving him & his staff our highest recommendation. We both have veneers by Dr. Namdarian which are truly remarkable & make a profound difference in our smiles. I recently received 20 veneers, I am amazed every time I see my new teeth, they are the teeth I have always wanted. His expertise is unmatched, we now call him Dr. Magician because he literally works magic. The 20 veneers took 2 Saturdays for 8 hours each day. I can honestly say Dr. Namdarian, Bobbi and Shannon made the procedure easy, comfortable and actually a fun experience. The initial conference was exceptional, there were choices & decisions to make, Dr. Namdarian, Bobbie and Shannon all helped me to select what was best for me. Their expertise, advice & caring for my personal satisfaction was extraordinary. Professionally, Dr. Namdarian possesses the highest degree of ethics, integrity & knowledge in his field. Personally, he is intelligent, energetic, highly respected, witty & focused. He is devoted to making his patients’ teeth be the best they can be. Our heartfelt thank you to you & your staff for our beautiful teeth & making each visit great! J & M Homola

About Hygienist: Carol & Sharon are fantastic & do an excellent cleaning. Stephanie & Ramsina are fabulous at the desk.

Dr Namdarian, Bobbie & Shannon are outstanding. The whole office on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 20!!

Patient Review

It is a genuine pleasure and privilege to recommend Dr. Sam Namdarian as a dentist and Invisalign specialist. What amazes me about Dr. Sam is his patience and attention to detail. You never feel rushed in his office, and his eyes gleam with enthusiasm as progress is noted. He is gentle and extremely competent doing anything related to dentistry.
In addition to great results straightening my teeth with Invisalign, Dr. Namdarian also did some cosmetic work that made a tremendous difference when I chew food and smile. One thing I never realized is my smiles would be brief because I was self-conscious about the misalignment of my teeth until Sam straightened them out. He also successfully installed a new bridge replacing a lost tooth.

This is the first online evaluation I have ever written, and I would not have entered this unless I was thoroughly delighted with the service I received. I was so happy with the results; my sister is now receiving Invisalign treatment from Dr. Namdarian. In summary, I could not give a higher recommendation to a dentist. Feel welcome to contact me at bullocksi@gmail.com if you have any questions.

About Hygienist: When you go to his office you are greeted in a friendly manner by Stephanie and Ramsina (who are an experts in insurance coverage). Dr. Sams dental assistant, Bobbie, was Dr. Simons dental assistant, Dr. Sams predecessor. Bobbie has a friendly and professional manner. When she made my retainers after the Invisalign, they fit perfectly. Bobbie is also very friendly, helpful, and competent. I have known her for 15 years as my dental assistant.

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