Our practice stresses the importance of elaborating on the status and condition of patients while you, your kids and loved ones are being examined. Our staff at Fresno Smile Makeovers fills you in on the details of their findings before, during, and following examinations. If an examination uncovers any issues that call for treatment a discussion, outlining the available treatment options, will be our first course of action to help you find relief. If we identify any potential complications that may call for specialized treatment; we will be happy to provide help by way of a specialist. Patients are our focal point and we urge to ask your dentists questions.

Your Oral Exam Consists of:

The bullets below are what your dentist is trying to divulge while you are being examined:

  • Medical history to expose conditions that could potentially be detrimental to future dental procedures.
  • X-Rays to view a more detailed perspective of your oral health
  • Inquire into your gums for indications of infection
  • Detection of oral cancer, cysts or other growths
  • The function of your temporomandibular joint (joins your jaw to the skull)
  • The status of existing restorations, root canals & crowns
  • The state of your bite as well as the spacing between your teeth
  • Traumatized, missing or carious teeth
  • Development of kids / children’s emerging teeth (and baby teeth)
  • The status the bones of your face, focusing on the jaws.
For Any Questions or Concerns, or to book and appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website,.or call us at 559 431 1772