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Safety Measures

The closure of dental offices in California has caused huge problems for people seeking help with their dental health.  Health care providers, including dentists, have major concerns in managing patients who are suspected of being infected with the coronavirus. However, dentists have been managing these concerns for a myriad of highly infectious diseases for decades and are well prepared to maintain safe clinical environments for both their patients and the dental team. We have quickly adapted to new and emerging diseases and will do so again with coronavirus. 

Dentistry is a very safe environment. Disease transmission inside a dental office is extremely rare. Common places we go to like grocery stores, gas stations, and even hospitals are more likely to provide exposure to dangerous pathogens than a dental office. Dentistry standards provide great protection against anything that is transmitted by fluids.

Dentistry Has Always Done Well in the Following:

  • All instruments are surgically sterile.
  • Everything in the dental operatories from chairs, lights, and counter surfaces are cleaned with disinfectants that are able to kill even the toughest pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis.
  • Use of barriers on equipment and team members to add extra protection.
  • All sterilization equipment is regularly tested to verify its effectiveness. 

These are the new safety changes during outbreaks
Extra precautions will be used during Covid 19 or other viral outbreaks. 

  • Installation of protective shields in the front desk area.
  • Pre-appointment health screening to include temperature, and previous 2 weeks health history.
  • The waiting time in our waiting room has always been kept minimum. 
  • There is a pretreatment rinse. 
  • Depending on the procedure other barriers and protection equipment is used both for the patient and the dental team.
  • Placement of Dental aerosol filtration units in each room such as an isolite system to eliminate aerosol spread from dental procedures. 
  • Placement of air purifiers with a HEPA filter in each operatory.
  • Using an extra-oral Dental Suction System to remove the high volume of droplets and aerosols produced during treatment
  • Utilizing UVC light for disinfecting some of our equipment such as patients’ eyeglasses, masks, and iPads

We ask that if you have symptoms of influenza, you stay home, to protect our staff and other patients.

Dentists and the dental team will do our part to protect the public, we just ask that you wash your hands for 20 seconds, cough and sneeze into your arm or into a tissue, and stay home if you have upper respiratory symptoms.

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A Second Chance At a New Smile

Erlinda Vargas is the first recipient of a Second Chance program to help people with extensive tooth loss and other oral health issues but who are unable to afford proper treatment. Vargas suffered through domestic abuse in her family as a child and did not receive proper dental care, which led to her oral health issues.

Erlinda was selected out of 400 applicants to receive an implant supported denture – essentially new permanent teeth – free of charge from the Second Chance program. The Second Chance program, started by Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implant Center, helps community members with oral health issues that are unable to cover the costs of the work.

Erlinda has three children, ages 2, 4 and 9 and works at the day care facility at St. Agnes Medical center in Fresno. A couple years ago, she had only 15 of her 28 teeth, and seven of the ones she had were severely decayed, Namdarian said. “I’m just so happy,” Erlinda said of her new smile. “I feel like a different person.”

Dr. Sam Namdarian of Fresno Smile Makeovers teamed up with the Fresno Oral Surgery center and selected implant and prosthesis companies that provided two oral surgeries and products to help bring back a smile for Erlinda. Dr. Namdarian is a top rated cosmetic dentist and Invisalign provider in Fresno, California and remains active in his community.

It is truly an honor for Fresno Smile Makeovers to be a part of such a life changing event for such a hardworking, deserving person. Erlinda is able to confidently smile, talk, and chew her food now that she has received the final restoration to her implant supported denture. We are all very happy for you Erlinda, and we hope you enjoy your new smile!

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CVLUX Best Cosmetic Dentists

It is truly an honor to be recognized as the Best Cosmetic Dentist in the Central Valley for the second year in a row. Thank you again CVLux, and thank you to my family, staff, and all my wonderful patients for your continuous support.




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Fresno Smile Makeover’s Christmas Benefit 2018

Thank you again for another wonderful year! ❤️ We are so honored to be partnered again with Cornerstone Community Care for our annual Christmas benefit! With the help of our friends and colleagues, we were able to raise almost $6,000 this year to help families and children affected by gang violence in the south east Fresno! Thank you all again for sharing your night with us and for all your generous donations! ❤️❤️❤️ #fresnosmilemakeovers #cornerstonecommunitycare #fresno #christmasbenefit #thankyou

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Restoring a Young Girl’s Smile

This is my 16 year old patient who had braces for 8 years and her orthodontist never managed to create contact between her back teeth. The only contact that existed was between her front teeth, which caused it to be unstable and detrimental for her teeth and jaws. In other words, she never had any bite on any of her back teeth. With accurate measurement and a great dental laboratory, @frontierdentallab, I was able to close her bite with some crowns on her back teeth. As you can see in the bottom pictures we got a very amazingly stable result!

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