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Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

A periodontal screening and examination may lead your dentist to suggest more intense procedures focused on removing or reducing the concentrations of bacterial poisons and plaque accumulating below the gum line, (cleaning and polishing teeth is normally done above the gum-line). This entails curettage, root-planing and/or treatment with localized application of drugs to the affected gums. Curettage is the debridement of the soft tissue layer surrounding the tooth. Damaged and infected issue, irritated by bacteria below the visible gum-line needs to be extracted to allow for healing. Root-Planing is the removal and smoothing of minute amounts of root surface so that an un-infected surface is available to the healing lining of soft tissue.

The above procedures are usually executed synchronously. They potentially require local anesthesia and are attentively applied by our highly trained hygienists under Fresno Smile Makeovers’ prescription.

Gum disease appears very gradually and treatment is thus generally spread out over time as the success of each treatment needs an assessment prior to moving on to the next step. In general, your case is re-assessed and, in collaboration with you, decisions are then made about the step. The services of a periodontic specialist can be needed if surgery is required. Surgery often improves the healing process of the gums and bone, reduces the mobility of teeth and greatly improves your prognosis.

We want to ensure that you have all of the care that best suits your requirements. We can also provide instructions to hone your home-care skills to ensure that you maintain an optimum level of health

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