General Anesthesia

If you’re exceptionally anxious in regards to dentist visits, or if you require significant dental work, “sleep dentistry,” may be a suitable and more comfortable option for you.   

Fear of the dentist can easily develop minor oral health problems intp major oral health concerns—sleep dentistry has the potential to provide you with the care you require whilst numbing out pain. stress or anxiety. Is sleep dentistry be a viable course of treatment for you?  Contact the office of Fresno Smile Makeovers to help us to help you to decide if your treatment will benefit from sleep dentistry. Fresno Smile Makeovers may suggest one of two modes of anesthesia; either oral medication, or intravenous (IV) sedation.  


Oral Conscious Sedation

If you suffer from a fear of undergoing dental procedures, we understand and we can help! Numerous patients have delayed their visits to the dentist for months, years, or decades to to the anxiety brought-on by the need to fulfill a dental visit! Patients who require a number of treatments during one visit and patients who have uncontrollable anxiety are offered sedation dentistry. To start, we prescribe an oral sedative, to be taken prior to your arrival at our dental office. During your treatment, we also utilize nitrous oxide to supplement your sedation and maintain your comfort. Our professionally trained practitioners will monitor your vital signs as well as your comfort level to ensure that they are in the know and can react accordingly and immediately if any any adjustments are needed.

Why oral sedation with nitrous oxide? 

Also referred to as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is a gas that, when combined with oxygen and administered to patients with a face mask, numbs pain and controls anxiety. Used in a number of dental treatments to maintain your comfort, combining nitrous oxide with an oral sedative is a highly efficient way of eliminating anxiety during dental procedures. 


IV Conscious Sedation

Intravenous or IV sedation is used by dental professionals in order to maintain a conscious sedation or a state of “twilight” , completely relaxing your body and mind but leaving you conscious. IV sedation reduces patients feelings of pain and anxiety, while still enabling them to speak and respond to questions / react to verbal cues (e.g. “Can you turn your head toward the right a bit?) while the procedure progresses. 

Once procedures are finished, most will lose most of their memories of the procedure. We strongly urge patients to prepare a safe drive home before arriving as they will require help from someone to take them home after the procedure is complete. The effects of the sedation will gradually wear off within a few hours of the end of the procedure, and most patients are able their normal daily activities within a day or two.

For any questions or concerns please contact our office